DGET Affiliation No
DGET-6/20/5/2013-TC(New PVT)
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Trade Unit Class Room Area / Unit Total Class Room Area Per Unit Work Shop Area/ Unit Total Work Shop Area For Trade
Electrician 6 22.23 44.46 199.86 199.86
Mechanic Diesel 2 22.96 22.96 155.88 155.88
Infrastructure, Building And Workshop
SNo. Ownership Documents/Lease agreement for rented building In Square Meters Link to scanned document/image
a. Total Area 809 sq.m. Click Hear To Get Doucment
b. Covered Area 636 sq.m.
c. Total Class Rooms Area 67.42 sq.m
d. Total Workshops Area 355.74
e. Drawing Hall -
f. Audio Visual Lab -
g. Computer Lab 42.65 sq.m.
h. Play Area 173.00 sq.m.
i. Library 20.24 sq.m.
j. Remarks
Electric Power
Present Electric Load 10 KW Click Hear To Get Doucment
Date of Connection 8-Mar-2009
Meter No. 22040313
Seal No. 19978418
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